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News of  March 21, 2000


In rock stars' dreams - the Jaguar S-TYPE
NEW YORK - Everyone dreams about being a rock star, but what do rock stars dream about? According to the newest Jaguar advertisement, some of them dream about S-TYPEs. Grammy-award-winning artist Sting is one rock star who has demonstrated his affection for the Jaguar S-TYPE.


2000 Jaguar S-TYPE

Photo: Ford

In a new worldwide ad campaign, Sting is featured in a club setting as well as in a black Jaguar S-TYPE while his song "Desert Rose" plays. The commercial is based on the music video for Desert Rose, the latest single off Sting's Grammy-award-winning album "Brand New Day." Also featured in the video and commercial is Sting's duet partner on the song, Algerian superstar Cheb Mami.

In the making of the Desert Rose music video, the producers provided Sting with a choice of several vehicles to be featured in the piece. Sting chose the Jaguar S-TYPE for its beautiful styling. Once the video was completed, Miles Copeland, Sting's manager, approached Jaguar with the footage to see if there were opportunities for the two organizations to work together to mutual benefit.

"The director proposed a number of cars to be used in the video and I chose the Jaguar S-TYPE," said Sting. "It's a beautiful car and it evokes the feeling and style of success we were trying to achieve."

The team at Jaguar loved the video the minute it saw the tape. "To have Sting in our car and the Desert Rose music behind the product is what marketing executives dream about," said Al Saltiel, general marketing manager. "With the introduction of the S-TYPE last year and the upcoming launch of the X400, one of our key strategic goals is to reach a broader market. We believe this campaign will help us do that."

Jaguar and Sting collaborated on the edit of the Desert Rose music video into a 30-second and a 60-second commercial. "This project is unique and very exciting. Not only is the association with Sting a perfect fit with the S-TYPE brand strategy, but working with Miles Copeland and Firstars in such a collaborative way has opened up many opportunities to do business differently to the benefit of both the artist and the brand," said Mark Hider, global head of Jaguar account for the GCG, the alliance of O&M and JWT, which handles the account worldwide."

The commercials debut March 20 in the United States. The advertising campaign will run from March through August in several markets around the world.

(March 16, 2000)


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