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June 25, 2003
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Oasis Breaks National Hybrid Synergy Drive Campaign For Toyota

Campaign Introduces High-Performance Technology with a Powerful Environmental Impact

New York, NY - Oasis, a division of Dentsu, is launching a major corporate ad campaign on Monday promoting Toyota's revolutionary Hybrid Synergy Driveģ powertrain system. Hybrid Synergy Drive is a next generation hybrid system, which combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor to dramatically improve vehicle performance, while significantly reducing the fuel consumption and emissions.

National magazine, newspaper and outdoor executions will capture the performance and environmental enhancements of Hybrid Synergy Drive through surprising visual imagery. In one ad, a car is painted with hot-rod "flames" which upon closer inspection turn out to be leaves. In another, a car speeds past a tree from which waves a checkered flag. Lines such as "Save the planet. Faster." "More power. Naturally." and "Meaner. Cleaner." drive the message home.


"Hybrid Synergy Drive is a major advancement in automotive technology", said Marjorie Schussel (Manager, Corporate Communications, Toyota Motor North America). "We felt we needed a bold, head-turning campaign to let consumers know that it's coming. With this campaign, Oasis presents a complicated piece of technology with smart, simple, and compelling messages."

Paul Bernasconi, Creative Director of Oasis added, "The challenge with this campaign was to find ways to communicate the dual benefits of Hybrid Synergy Drive - "performance" and "environment". Core to the communication is the idea that consumers can drive an environmentally-friendly hybrid without compromising the performance they expect."

Hybrid Synergy Drive will be launched this fall in the next generation Prius and later in the Lexus RX330 SUV.

(June 19, 2003)

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