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News of  February 7, 1999


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Rumors of BMW´s Management : Reitzle won election by one voice, Milberg considering resignation

Reitzle moving to Ford?

German magazine STERN (Hamburg) reports in its latest edition of Feb. 11, 1999, that Joachim Milberg, BMW AG, thinks about resignation from his new job as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Following these insider information the former head of development, Wolfgang Reitzle, was originally appointed for this job. But because of the bare majority of only one voice, Reitzle declined the offer. Supported was Reitzle´s decision by the tremendous problems with Rover. His argument was that he wanted the complete board behind and not only half of it. Finally BMW had to find another candidate and this turned out to be Joachim Milberg who now considers giving up the job.

It is discussed, that Reitzle will take over a position at Ford, which was left without comment by Jac Nasser of Ford.

Reizle.jpg (12587 Byte)

Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle (49)

 HANDAR4.GIF.gif (182 Byte)   BMW : Reorganization and strengthening of the Board

The Rover situation was one of the topics at the Supervisory Board meeting on 5.2.99. At this meeting, Bernd Pischetsrieder, Chairman of the Board at BMW AG, and Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle, responsible for "Market and Product" on the BMW Board, asked the Supervisory Board to release them from office. The Supervisory Board agreed and thanked them for their long-term, successful commitment and dedication to BMW.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Joachim Milberg, currently responsible for "Engineering and Production" on the Board, has been named successor to Bernd Pischetsrieder.


Joachim Milberg

  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Milberg,
the newly appointed head of BMW AG

    source : BMW

Ziebart01-klein.jpg (14928 Byte)

Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart,
newly appointed head of the development division

source photos :

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Volkswirt Carl-Peter Forster, Dr.-jur. Henrich Heitmann and Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ziebart have been appointed new members of the Board. The current head of BMW South Africa, Carl-Peter Forster, will take over "Engineering and Production"; Dr. Henrich Heitmann, currently responsible for the North and South American sales regions, will take over the position of Member of the Board responsible for sales. Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, project manager for the new 3 Series, will assume responsibility for Development Division.

Dr. Henrich Heitmann,
newly appointed head of sales
Heitmann-klein.jpg (13609 Byte) Carl-Peter Forster,
newly appointed head of Engineering and Production

forster-klein.jpg (17110 Byte)

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